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Okay 150 gram has an initial velocity u is equal to 3 i cap plus 4 j cap meter per second and final velocity minus 3 i cap plus foreign.


Okay my questions which of the following is not a product of light reaction light reaction.

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Foreign that is f is equal to three t square i cap plus four t j cap okay before t j k upon m how to participate cap plus.

40 j cap divided by a 3 3 divided by first team divided by the second time 6 by 3 2 t square i cap plus 4 by 3 t j cap acceleration any acceleration acceleration is equal to in the.

Acceleration is dv by dt dv by dtla acceleration the rate of change of velocity but dv by dt is equal to the acceleration 2 t square i gap in there 4 by 3 t j cap in a integrated x raised to n and i x.

Raised to n plus 1 by n plus 1 all right a pivot and that is 2 t square analytic 2 and upper 2 plus 1 3 by 3 3 by 3 plus yes foreign.

yes fastest thank you the law of limiting factors was proposed.

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england during this time a body attains a velocity 30 meter per second huh.

foreign divided by 1 kg that is 6 meter per second square sorry rate of change of velocity acceleration velocity divided by 6 30 velocity by sorry so.

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Yes which makes major difference between c three and c four glances there are some c three plants and c four plants.

Glycolysis calvin cycle photorespiration yes god.

Foreign questions easy question easy questioning easy question okay a body of mass 0.25 kg is projected with muscle velocity 100 meter per.

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Organelles during photo respiration is photorespiration chloroplast golgi bodies mitochondria chloroplast rough endoplasmic reticulum dictions chloroplasts peroxisome mitochondria chloroplast vacuole ah see where foreign.

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Together kg which is moving with acceleration of one meter per second in upward direction then the tension 35 34 33.

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Foreign yes foreign the primary carbon dioxide acceptor c4 plants c3 plants c3 and c4 plants.

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it is given an impulse change that its velocity becomes v2 yes.

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