you're welcome back on lifevariance chanel if today is the first time you're coming across this channel kindly like subscribe and turn on the bell notification amber dime is an american glamour model social media starlet kirby plus size model.

Instagram celebrity she is also a digital creator tick talker influencer and fashion blogger who made it to the spotlight through instagram amber was born and raised in the united states she lives in las vegas nevada united states she also completed her tertiary education in the united states as a.

Model she had a splendid career and gained a reputation by being an outstanding model the curvaceous beauty started her modeling career at a very young age she has worked with numerous clothing and beauty brands in the united states as a social media influencer she earned money by promoting various brands.

Through her eponymous instagram account where she has gained a huge popularity in 2020 she started posting her lifestyle photos and modeling contents on instagram where she has garnered more than 319k followers who can't get enough of her show-stopping natural curves she also have massive following on snapchat and tick-tock the curvaceous.

Beautiful model has attracted thousands of followers to hey platform zakia amber stands five feet two inches tall or 157 centimeters bust size 37 inches or 93 centimeters waist size 30 inches or 76 centimeters tip size 49 inches or 124 centimeters body type curvy she has a beautiful brown hair and brown eyes color marital status single.

Nationality american and if you want to know more about her kindly go to her social media platforms through the description of this video thanks for watching and if you like this video kindly like and subscribe