NEET PG 2022🔥 Rank vs Mark 🔥 Expected Counseling Date🔥 Cut Off Revision 🔥 NEET MENTOR

NEET PG 2022🔥 Rank vs Mark 🔥 Expected Counseling Date🔥 Cut Off Revision 🔥 NEET MENTOR

Hello everyone and welcome to neet mentor uh in this video we will talk about the counseling start date what is the expected counseling started and we will have an analysis view uh between the marks versus rank mapping last year 2020 versus mass.

Versus rank mapping this year and how much difference we got in particular score we will also know what can be cut off revision marks after revision so if you're new to the channel first of all must subscribe it and the second thing join the telegram group which is free.

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Get receipt we will guide you step by step and you will keep on getting all the notifications related to your counseling process so let's see what is the expected counseling started regarding ews.

There is a quote spending in supreme court and as per the last hearing the judge supreme court judge has mentioned that whenever all of the three judges will be available in the court which would be after summer vacation they will hear the matter again and they.

Have given the next date of july okay so after that ews matter is resolved hopefully the counseling will resume costing will start basically so it may start by july mid or maybe by august also is possible so we can expect so much of a little bit.

Of delay in the counseling start but there is another theory also since they have announced the result so early usually is to take 20 days 20 21 days but this time they declare the result okay in a week or just more than a week a time okay so they have some planning behind it.

Declaring the results soon so they want to complete the counseling process soon because they have planned the next exam 23 in neet pg in the month of jan and it will be able to uh they will be able to conduct the examination only if they complete the counseling process soon so there are two.

Theories one theory says that after ews matter result in the supreme court they will start the counseling process but there is another theory also which says that they have some other plan without resolving that matter also they may proceed.

This doesn't seem to be possible until unless supreme court gives a go ahead to con to start with the counseling process without the judgment okay now let's take a look at marks versus.

Rank for neetpg 21 and 22 it's very important analysis that we had we have brought for you and let's start from the bottom last year the cut-off score was 302 this year is 275 so last year in a score of 275 the rank was 95 000 this year is 90 000.

In the score of 300 last year it was around 80 000 and this year is seventy seven thousand three forty so you can see difference of around three thousand in a score of three fifty last year the candidate got sixty three thousand this year they have got fifty four thousand he.

In order to get 54 000 last time they had to score 25 to 30 more marks in so you can see positive shift okay in terms of rank for particular score in a score of 400 last time the candidate had got 45 000 rank and this year they have got 36.

000 or approx 37 000 in a score of 440 450 last year it was 30 0009 and this year is 22 500 approx in score of 475 last year it was twenty three thousand thousand rank and this year is seventeen thousand so here also you can see.

6 000 difference in 450 score you can see 8 000 in 400 score you can see difference of 9000 in a score of 500 last year the rank was 17 500 and this year in a score of 500 is around 12 000. in 525 last year it was 12.5 000 and.

This year is around 8 000. so you can see so much of uh positive shift in the same score this time the meditation uh the rank is improved in a score of 550 last year it was 8.5 k rank and this year is around 4.5 just half in 575 score last time.

Or you can say this way last year more than 5178 candidates have got 575 score more than 575 score this year just 2535 students have got more than 5075 and more interesting figure how many candidates have got 600 plus a score this year around 1200.

Candidates have got 600 plus score last year 2776 candidate had got 600 plus score 625 last year 1238 candidate had got 625 plus score this year just 4 54. so you can see the toughness of the question is.

This time is more compared to last time so they couldn't score very high uh they they couldn't achieve very high score uh last year 388 candidates got more than 650 score and this time just.

139 and there was there is nobody who could score more than 700 or 700 but last time eight candidate had got more than 700 score so it's very interesting figure that will help you uh analyze the score and.

Rank this year compared to last year now let's move over to the last topic in our video the cutoff revision depending on multiple factors first factor how many seeds are remaining and the cut of revision is to happen by after completion of round two so that in mop up first registration will be opening in all the states and all india.

Level and new candidates who could go to qualified after cut of revision they will apply or do the new raise freeze registration so last year from three 302 to 247.

And last year cut up code revised by 55 marks from 302 to 4 to 247 it came down to 247 so this year we expect from 275 it may come down up to 225 to 230 for general category okay similarly it will come down for um.

By 15 percentile it was reduced by 15 percentile okay so instead of 50 it is 35 for general and instead of 40 is 25 for reserve category candidates and institute of 45 40 pwd is it will be now after category revision is 30 percentile so from 275.

To 230 approx you can expect it will give you an idea for those candidates who miss their qualifying score by 5 marks 10 marks 20 marks 30 marks whether they are going to qualify or not okay so this is whole analysis i'm going to conclude the video here and.

You can decide for availing our paid counseling and that will help you a lot in the counseling process without doing any mistake uh you can proceed with the consuming process and it will keep your head very light because somebody is there to support you and somebody is there to talk uh.

And discuss on the counseling or the options if your budget okay so thanks for watching and have a nice day