Why Some Potato Chips Are Green and Facts You Didn’t Know a Minute Ago

why is the myth dogs are colorblind so widely accepted they do see colors even though they have a more limited spectrum than we do they see blue yellow and violet pretty well but it's hard for them to tell the difference between orange red and green so if you want to redecorate your dog's house maybe you.

Should stick to purple and blue shades animals plants and humans we're all actually connected and have common traits because we've all evolved from the same micro ancestor this would be our planet's original ancestor luca this stands for the last universal common ancestor which is a 3.8 billion year old organism.

Closing the eyes can improve your memory let's say you want to listen to a story and see how much you can remember studies show that if you close your eyes and take a 15 minute rest you'll remember it better a good technique for when you're studying or trying to remember some boring information.

The pink corner of your eye is actually the remnant of the third eyelid we all have this mysterious membrane the third eyelid is way more prominent in certain mammals and birds since it protects their eyes from dust but for humans this tissue doesn't have any particular meaning so scientists believe we'll eventually lose it.

When potatoes are exposed to too much light they mostly turn green whether they're in a factory storage or a field this happens because they start to form chlorophyll a pigment that gives plants green color so when you see green potato chips it means they were made from one of these potatoes that were exposed to light for a longer time.

But just because some green potato chips made it into the bag doesn't mean you should eat them as it turns out the green areas on potatoes and on chips are not good for you nothing's going to happen if you eat one or two of these green potato chips but if you eat too much of a green potato you might experience some discomfort.

Despite their name some oranges are not orange some initially contain large amounts of chlorophyll which makes this citrus green colored in the first place as it matures and ripens the chlorophyll slowly disappears as the fruit is exposed to cool temperatures that's when it gets its color but this is also why in warm areas across the.

World oranges remain green if you've ordered something small from amazon like a pen a single book or something else you might have got it in a box that seemed way too big for your item and it's not an accident nor random it's because of their complex shipping algorithm it takes into account the size of other packages going to the same.

Place as well as the size of the shipping vehicle the small item gets a box size that will fit the space inside the vehicle together with other packages and keep boxes from sliding around physicist and inventor percy spencer discovered microwaves by accident he was building a magnetron for some of his.

Radar equipment at one moment he realized the chocolate bar he had been keeping in his pocket had begun to melt he was curious about what was going to happen next so he directed microwaves at eggs which exploded and popcorn which popped this is how he discovered a great tool to heat food that uses less energy than.

A conventional oven in its original version the clay-lake substance we call play-doh today was a wallpaper cleaner it was invented and sold for the purpose of lifting soot off of wallpaper at the time it first showed on the market you could only get it in an off-white color but later they started.

Selling it as a toy the substance was produced in yellow blue and red today you can get it in more than 50 colors bubble wrap had a somewhat different purpose at its beginning it was supposed to be wallpaper in the 1950s when it first showed up two engineers decided to glue two shower curtains together that's how they.

Trapped small bubbles of air between them they were trying to create some sort of textured wallpaper but it didn't take off a couple years later ibm had to ship some data processors and needed something to protect them which is when the phenomenon of bubble wrap came up one study showed that one minute of.

Popping bubble wrap is as calming as a 30 minute massage why don't electric fans cool the air you could set a thermometer in front of it and choose a turbo mode but the temperature won't go down in fact the temperature might even go up if you leave the thermometer next to the working parts thanks to the electric.

Current a fan won't cool the air but it will cool you or any other object with water inside an electric fan improves air circulation in a closed space plus it speeds up evaporation which makes liquids including the sweat on your skin a bit cooler have you noticed pen caps have tiny.

Holes on the top it seems random at first but it's actually a lifesaver if you can accidentally swallow this cap the hole ensures you can continue breathing because the cap won't completely block the airway if you take a closer look at the night sky you'll see stars come in different shapes and sizes.

White is the most prevalent color true but they sparkle in shades of red blue and yellow too but you won't see a green star it's not that stars don't emit green light it's just that our eyes don't see it like that stars vary in colors when they burn at different temperatures the hottest stars.

Appear blue while the coolest stars seem to burn in red hues but they all shine in multiple colors they emit different light wavelengths that represent various parts of the color spectrum we can't all perceive those wavelengths separately we only see the dominant light wavelength which means the dominant color so stars of.

Medium heat emit green photons in most cases but they just don't appear green when we try to process something that generates red green blue and yellow photons at once our eyes see it as white that's the same reason why mid-temperature stars such as our sun appear white to us why do we blink.

To moisten and cleanse the eye that's for sure every time you close your eyelids the tear glands secrete a salty substance that sweeps over the surface of your eye it then flushes away all those tiny dust particles and also lubricates the exposed parts of your eyeball we usually blink every four to six seconds unless.

The eyes are more irritated then we blink more frequently to keep them moist and clean but not just that blinking also helps our brain to reset it has to process so many things all the time so it's fair to give it a break from time to time so blinking rescues our brain around 15 to 20 times per minute when we shut our.

Eyes we help our brain to power down and take a very short but still effective mental break that's why we blink more when we're in the middle of a task that demands some serious mental activity why do we have nails they're generally made of a specific type of protein you can find in fur hair.

Cloths and hooves it's called keratin and unlike claws nails are flat and wide so they're more effective at shielding the tips of toes and fingers from potential injuries fingernails not only protect sensitive areas but also provide a rigid backing so you can take and separate small objects more easily how would you pick.

Up a single jigsaw piece or peel a sticker from its backing without nails it would be almost impossible without additional tools apes and monkeys use their feet for such delicate tasks too primates have probably evolved nails because they needed help with simple tasks such as grasping branches tightly and removing ticks.

Raspberries blackberries strawberries and cherries are not berries to classify berry they have to have three layers a protective outer one a fleshy one in the middle and finally an inner part where you can find the seeds also a plant must come from a flower with just one ovary and have two or more seeds.

So by this criteria cranberries and blueberries are berries together with some more plants you wouldn't expect to be in this category kiwis bananas watermelons tomatoes eggplants and even peppers you've probably heard your ears and nose are those body parts that never stop growing.

This happens because the effects of skin changes and gravity other parts of your body change in the same ways but you can't see it as well as you can see what's happening with your nose and ears