chloe ferry is a british reality television personality and a social media star born on 31 august 1995 she gained prominence as a cast in the mtv reality series geordie shore chloe ferry who started a career as a club hostess finally got a bit of.

Celebrity status with the geordie shore in 2017 she participated in the 19th series of celebrity big brother chloe ferry made a guest appearance on sun sex and suspicious parents in 2015 and in the release the hound on march 16 2017.

The 23 year old beautiful and classy lady has also got a lot of followers on social media her attractive photos which get fans go gaga has attracted 3.7 million followers on instagram twitter with about 200 000 followers and is also on snapchat pinterest and.

Facebook chloe ferry was born on august 31 1995 in england her family education and other details are not in public nonetheless she had an interest in her childhood days and joined a dance school to perfect her skills.

As she grew she dumped dancing went into sports and practiced gymnastics she also competed in various sports became a national skater and did very well in that field chloe's taste for an interest in other fields took her into acting she was introduced to reality tv after.

She met scotty timlin so you