Netflix VS Hulu Plus Comparison | Which streaming service is best for you?

The key difference between these two videos on request and streaming media services is that Netflix entertainment material is more centered on movies as associated with the TV shows that are a streamlined entertainment material being presented by Hulu Plus.


Hulu Plus


Netflix is an online video-on-demand service provider that offers to stream a wide range of TV shows and movies


Hulu Plus is a video on demand and streaming media service being offered by Hulu

Mode of Entertainment:

Video-on-demand online, streaming media online, and DVD by mail

Mode of Entertainment:

Video on demand and streaming media online

Primary Areas:

Both movies and TV programs but focus more on movies

Primary Areas:

Both movies and TV programs but concentrate more on TV programs

Subscription Plans:

Three: Basic, Standard, and Premium

Subscription Plans:

Two: limited commercials and no commercials


Registration is required

Free Registration:

Hulu Free is free, but Hulu Plus requires membership


Film distribution, film production, and television production


Digital distribution, television production, media service provider, and web syndication


Streaming media, video on demand, and media service providers


Video on demand, television on-demand, and streaming media

Areas Served:

Worldwide except for Mainland China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria

Areas Served:

The United States and Japan only


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